CRT(Campus Recruitment Training)

                       Campus Recruitment Training program for the students who are looking to enter the corporate world and introduce them to the prospective employers according to their aspirations and background. This Training programs have been formulated after a thorough analysis of the unique requirement of various companies as the required skills will vary according to the company's requirement. 



Three Module Training Program

This program aims to enhance the Technical Skills and thus increase the employability of the students. The training program is designed for entry level students who on completion will be better prepared to work on real life customer projects.

Training Program Overview 

This program consists of third semesters. The first semester of the program runs concurrently with the third year first semester, third year second Semester and fourth year first Semester.

Duration 150 Hours ( 3Semesters)   


Foundation Track: C, C++, Data Structures, SLDC (50Hours)

Core and Advanced Java, RDBMS(50 Hours)

Python and Selenium (50 Hours)

One summer Project

Toppers from this program will given an opportunity for an internship in IT company.


Super Five Training Program

TecKnowledge will create and manage a program — Super Five. which will run in parallel with the current academics and impart deep technology skills to Engineering Students. This Program will enable the students to become ready for a job with IT product companies by the end of their academics. This program will be an example of a successful collaboration between industry and academia and will contributed significantly to expanding the pool of skilled professional for IT product companies. 

Super Five Module Training Program

High end program to create software engineers for product companies 

Five lecture modules during semester

Five Semesters(2-1,2-2,3-1,3-2,4-1)

Five Technology Trainings

50Hours of training every Semester 

Highly Intensive 1 Training 

Two summer projects( End of second Year and third year Academics ) 

Toppers from this program will given an opportunity for an internship in IT company 

Objectives of the Super5 

The primary objective of the training will be to transform fresh graduates into working professionals

The secondary objective will be to align the training with specific organizational outcomes 

Program Coverage

 Lecture Modules: 250Hours

Second Year First Semester : Programming Skills( "C", "C++",Data Structures), SDLC — 50Hours

Second Year Second Semester : Core Java and Advance Java, RDBMS — 50Hours 

Second Year Summer Project

Third Year First Semester : Web Development(HTML,CSS, Java Script) and Soft Skills — 50Hours

Third Year First Semester : Python, Aptitude - 50Hours 

Third Year Summer Project 

Fourth Year First Semester: Big Data and Selenium

Fourth Year Second Semester Internship. 



We at TecKnowledge,have partnered with around 50 colleges (BE,B.Com,B.Sc) in and around AP and Telangana for providing campus recruitment programs. We offer complete Campus Recruitment Services to bridge the gap between fresh talent and the corporate sector. Our motive is to meet the entry-level requirements of our clients. In campus hiring, we divide our work into 3 stages of activities:






Finishing School for Final Year Engineering students 

 With the sole objective of producing industry ready engineering students. TecKnowledge has instituted a comprehensive Finishing School program for Final year students. This program will pursue long way in bridging the industry-academia gap by imparting more Technical Skills. The Finishing School runs concurrently with the B.Tech course.       

Training Program Overview  

This program consists of two semesters. The first semester of the program runs concurrently with the Third year Second semester curriculum. The second semester runs concurrently with the Fourth Year first Semester.      

Duration 100 Hours ( 2Semesters)       

Syllabus  Foundation Track: C, C++, Data Structures,SLDC

                  Technology: Core and Advanced Java, RDBMS 

                   One Summer Project 

Toppers from this program will be given an opportunity for an internship in IT company.